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In view of the Novel Covid19 virus pandemic outbreak and the nation-wide lockdown of 21 days in the country, our offline order handling capacity from our Head office will be affected as our employees are not able to reach the office. Although we are trying to ensure work from home, still service level will be affected. Hence, we are forced to take the following steps:

1. Deliveries can be purchased only up to clear credit balance in accounts, all debit accounts can only sell deliveries.
2. All are advised to sell holdings that have been credited to their respective Demat accounts. Client is solely responsible for any shortage due to non-adherence of above point.
3. Only those Clients who have POA in their Demat account can sell deliveries from delivery option in online platforms.
4. Please keep for your exposure/positions low especially in derivatives so that you do not suffer any loss in case stock markets are closed or we are not able to reach the office and start our trading servers.